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Monica & Dan, Selma

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6 minutes ago, Amy3 said:

What's the latest on the move? Is Selma really going to stay?

Guess it depends if the boss can get more guys to have sex with her.. and the amount of money she is getting from that.. if compensates the time she isn't working at chaturbate. But she need to have her own bedroom to not spend all the day sleeping in the living room recovering from night job

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I watched her show. She has an unbelievabley hot body, but twirling around with an tip vibrator for hours ia just plain boring to watch. If I ever watch cam girls, I always avoid the tip vibrator girls. Hate those stupid, fake ass things. I actually own one and I can honestly tell you that it has the vibrating power of a cell phone. The person using it becomes immune to the sensation in about 2 minutes or less. Worse, the harder the vibration is set to, the more numb it makes you feel. So all those heavy tippers are doing is making the girl feel numb. It's stupid and I can't believe people fall for that shit. 😕

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