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Which RLC ladies would you prefer to marry for life?

Foamy T. Squirrel

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Current ones are Leora and Irma. Not just for looks either. Leora is an amazing homebody that seems to love the domestic lifestyle quite a bit and seems to be a fairly decent cook. She also has pretty good musical taste (Hard rock) and tends to lean towards the paranormal in her preferred TV programs as I've seen her watch shows about Alien Abductions and Ghosts quite a bit which gels really nice with my interests as well. But most importantly she's a closet freak that's still exploring her fetishes and discovering her darker sexual side. I love that she's a bookworm and loves to dabble in painting and craft work. Bonus: Her "Bedhead" when she wakes up in the morning is about the cutest goddamn thing I've ever seen.

Irma on the other hand is a straight up party girl that seems to be down 100% for anything you can throw at her. She's not afraid to get sloshed and dance the night away or dress up classy as fuck and paint the town red. The only downfall I see with her is the drug usage. I'm not against the occasional toke or two, but when you start getting into powders and pills it's time to pull back. Bonus: She's not afraid of 1 guy multiple girl scenarios.

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Gold medal : Anabel

Silver medal : Eva

Bronze medal : Adeline

For their body, face and ... personnality and natural behavior.

If other prefer other girls it's their problem and anyway it's good for me ❤️. If I'm  alone (I don't think so ) to live with these amazing ladies, it's good news for me.😍



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