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Alan & Serena (2019) Part #1

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2 minutes ago, Neugieriger said:

I see, are there scenes, where she is naked or even got be fucked?

Do I find the parties in George's apartment with Annie and Ayre


Wrong George. This chap is a manager. Dec 15th at Sina and Jules but it was controversial and I don't wish to raise the subject again here. Sleeping dogs...

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6 minutes ago, Neugieriger said:

-----or even dominant ones

Generally speaking not really a russian female trait as russian society is still male dominated. I once saw Lola hit Otto whom she sexually humiliated but they have left.

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You mean Lisa from Lisa and Grant?


I saw a bitt of Veronica, she seems to be strongwilled, a bubbling personality, but also submissiv

For me Nina had a great personality, caring and demanding, 

Serena speaks a bit English.


I am not looking for Alberta Einstein, but a nice ass and a smart head would be nice

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