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Agatha & Kyara (2019) Part #1

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12 minutes ago, BenCoudon said:

It looks like that all what they can find in the USA are lesbian couples

Soon we will end up with only camers and lesbians!!!  Sorry not my cup of the


I gave up on this amateur porn bs  already.


To me nothing is more boring and discussing than A video of girl with a plastic silicon in her vagina and pretend to have 20 orgasm every hour, depends on money she can get from stupid guys. Their scream and moaning voice is like a mental torture for me.


But is it not cam girls' fault. For some reason there is a generation of guys who are stupid enough to get excited by looking at fake pasti-girls. 

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6 minutes ago, Amy3 said:

VHTV is highly overpriced, that's for sure.

Amy  This is something that I will never bitch about.  I call it free enterprise.  they advertise a product at a given price.  It is up to the customers to decide whether or not it is the right price.

The day people will stop buying it  the either they will go bankrupt or they will modify the price.  VV, at the end, was way too expensive for what they had to offer and they are out of business

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