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Ada & Alan (2020) Part #1

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Il y a 20 heures, Gudari a dit :

It is funny that this apartment is now called Ada Alan as a real couple when Alan four days ago fucked Giselle again! Very simple, Alan is quite fake but it is that Ada is much worse! That said, she's very horny!

I think ada is awesome. She brings energy to the table. Very similar to Alexanda. 

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I don't understand why it took Ada so long to show us those wonderful tits, they're beautiful! She is pretty, with a pretty body and is waking up her beautiful way of being sexually! I start to like Ada a lot and I think it will offer us very good times! On the other hand, it's a shame he's with Alan, he's a weird, boring guy at the same time. I think they're both going our separate ways.

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