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Melanie & Albert (2020) Part #2

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Thanks for the night,girls.Today, you were more wonderful than other houses. It was fun to watch.
The parties of other houses have become boring.I don't care what anyone says. Today they lost, because they are boring and ordinary.

Other houses are  just repeating themselves.(Same type party,boring guests  etc.)

I hope this apartment gets better.


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15 hours ago, moonlight89 said:

No we are not perverts. and if you think that a threesome and an orgie is making someone pervert, than something is very wrong with you.

you need to realize in what industry you are, and that this industry is harsh one.

do you think Melissa-Sergio/Isa-Bart/Daniel-Dominessa/Clarice-Saun was so succesfull just because they had sex? or just because they were fucking next to each other? no it was the INTERACTION between thoose couples that was making them succesfull, it was that... that still keeps Sergio/Melissa after 1.5 years number one apartment in the project.

bringing a couple and fucking next to eachother without any INTERACTION is like puting two porn movies in one screen, you dont need to do something you dont like, but INTERACTING with the couple you are fucking next too is essential, (why the hell would you invite that couple than??🤯)

and you want the truth???? let me tell you. Albert is in wrong place doing wrong job FACT. you have all the things that we have saw in the succesfull apartments. we dont need 10 people in one party, we need 4 POEPLE THAT WILL INTERACT WITH EACH OTHER.

tonight Daenerys apartment had a threesome did anyone notice? silence... how many coments were there? 1 coment, reputation is very importand, and the reason you have reputation right now is because Ray and Celina, thoose two are amazing in my opinion.Celina had a way to play with the guys she was INTERACTING with guests,and she even had a threesome almost twice (that was super hot ) right now you have reputation just because of them. otherwise you havent provide something significant to go to favorite list oh no only one time when you was in bathtub with red hairs lady and the bold guy and he played with your pussy,that was hot there was pleasure not like Albert crying tonight.and i will tell you what happen with the apartments that are not in favorite list,when they leave the project days pass till one will notice that it is gone.

do you guys remember that Colin apartment? that was living 2 couples very beautiful couples? they had great sex,anal,facial, and they was fucking next to each other,how long they lasted? 1-2 months, how many people felt sad that they was gone? i remember nothing from cc, i personaly didnt even notice they was gone till like a week later when someone said it.

anyway i really like your energy and i dont want to see you gone in a month,so now you know everything how the VH audience works you dont need to fuck someone if you dont want to but play with your guest touch them let them touch you, flirt with them let albert play with them,be agresive,show desire, this is what vh people look for, A GAME. also if you have hard time finding guest i heard from other apartmens that they finding new guest by instagram and telegram and vkontakte in swinger groups, just in case maybe would be helpfull if you dint know. all the best and at the end dont do something you are not comfortable with.and again, we are not pervert we are business men that have invested in vh as excitment in return 😄  😄 😄 !!!

what happened ? did anyone say something ? i am confused lol

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12 hours ago, Oldstalker said:

One has to admit that the standard of body painting on Melanie by the guest girl who very much reminds me of a frequent visitor to one of the old (archived) flats IS a cut above the usual standard of bodypainting. Many of these forums may be critical of the current crop of tenants but there are more with better artistic skills than previously - eg Alisa, Nina, Aurora, even Sofia.

If in general the artistic potential - then it fallen. 

Previously in VH Leo - who studied as artist and painted really good pictures in various styles.

Previously in VH Darcie - who definitely have talent and she painted good pictures.

Now there remains only Alisa - who paint picture about her and BF.

Aurora - baby. She loves different games/art at level children's matinee.

8 hours ago, moonlight89 said:


Juice trademark "To chto nado" - it is the worst and cheapest. Even professional alcoholics who do Alcoyoga in parks any city buy juice "Dobriy" - little more expensive, much better. 

If M&A are not going to poison guests, then they earn poorly.

9 hours ago, moonlight89 said:

yes of course i never meant someone to do anything that are not comfortable with, just i have heard so many times through many apartments. "why our views are so low, how we can increase our views" and because i like this apartment i dont want to see it dying as so many other.thought to give an insight as what most people expect from a party.

These are casting issues.

It’s not just sitting at home, playing PS4, having fun with friends, not having sex under covers. No drugs&child&fights in cam. As recruiters say for new meat. 

THIS IS HARD WORK. For many people open in last 6-8 months - this work is not suitable. More profitable and comfortable work as shop assistant or cashier, wash cars, work in food delivery. 

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