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Apartment Popularity or Waste of time



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  1. 1. Which apartment/apartments do you the viewer think is a total waste of time?

    • Linda and Tibor
    • Martina and Alberto
    • Carla and Yanai
    • Masha
    • Leora and Malia
    • GOV 1
    • GOV 2
    • Gov 4
    • COV 1
    • COV 2

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This is the first poll I have ever created and was not sure about a couple of things but what the heck.  It is a poll about apartment popularity or lack there of as in a waste of time.  It is a multiple choice poll so each of you can pick more than one apartment if you deem it necessary.

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I selected the COV and GOV apartments and Masha. Seeing as I only check in on the free cams, it's, not easy to vote properly. 

The girls in the COV & GOV apts are really not that good looking. Some are and were not even worthy of the camera.

Masha is adorable in her own way. Though I guess being stuck inside without seeing daylight for months has made her a bit off the wall.

The first three apts don't play to the cams all that much. The girls? It goes without saying.

But Martina? I've drooled over her since they came on RLC. A sweet wholesome woman that loves sex and cooking. Plus, she's Italian!  

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