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Is she tied to that sofa?  

Time for another painting 🎨

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1 minute ago, Sparkles said:

Horrible wallpaper lool Seems to be a russian tradition 

Yep but not as bad Realm67. I prefer the walls painted in one color and not wallpaper...

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28 minutes ago, jabbath1987 said:

Stifler visiting wearing the same clothes he had when he was visiting Sabrina & Scott and also slept in for two days on his sofa before 🙈

Stink Stench GIF

Self starching :biggrin:

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15 minutes ago, moonlight89 said:

offline is loading 😄

Yep looks like it's been taken off-air now, I think we get the picture, time to sleep it off guys ... before somebody does something they might regret later? They all seem like nice folk was there a lot of boozing for the housewarming then?

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