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Benjamin (2021) Part #3


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Isn't it abit funny. There are usually alot more guests in here, who parties heavier than this. Now they have actually announced that they're having a party, and it's 4 people sitting at the table and playing music.

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16 minutes ago, Noldus said:

BTW Faye's friend passed out in the downstairs bathroom, She went in 0934 and still asleep on the floor

Out from the bathroom 1134 . Funny She tried to lie down on the small bench in the hall

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I've warmed up abit towards Stephanie the last days. It seems like she has interacted more with the other people there than I have seen before. Goldie, Benjamin, Faye, Stifler. And today she has done alot of cleaning and tidying. She seems like a much sweeter person than I first thought.

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