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B4 Girls On Vacation - General Topic 2021 #70 (June/July)

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Amalia was great on her first stay! This stay she just seemed bored.

I encurage them to proove me wrong, but I don't have much hope for Nana and Vivian when it comes to taking initiative for a party, not to mention bringing in a guest. They could be great participants in such events, but we need someone who can bring the life in, and then kick it off. If Elian leaves today or tomorrow, there isn't much hope at all in my eyes. Tesla can't carry the whole villa on her own. She won't have anyone to go out with, who share her attitude. My prediction is that Tesla will adapt more to the ways of how all the others are acting, rather than the other way around. We'll see! In the meantime, I think RLC better find someone good for the empty bedroom. 

The things that happened with Amalia , she came as always , ready to share and provide , but after that incident in Monica’s room with Anthony and Lorraine , things changed dramatically somehow .  Her gaining weight also it must have affected her but as a fantastic person and a tenant that respected in my opinion her RLC contract , I hardly ever realized that she showed her annoyance although I believe inside her must have been disappointed and perhaps sad as she couldn’t explain what’s going on , but that’s how I received her behavior .

I can’t predict Vivian and Nana and of course you might be right , but no one could see anything coming from Olya last year also 😉😋 I think the summer times somehow work strange in the mind , it is the period that everything is allowed, as time passes by and these girls get nothing , don’t be impressed seeing things happening , I think it takes just a snap in the mind so as they would go wild and simply enjoy ( not in levels of Tesla and Elian though ).. I can’t see Tesla following the life of a nun 😂 she will continue the fun life , it is up to how the other tenants of the villa behave so as to keep on being generous with us .. I think she’s social and funny and I won’t be surprised to see her transmitting the wilderness to mostly Nana instead of becoming like Vivian and Nana , however I believe she will miss for some days Elian .. it also depends as you say of who we get as replacements , two low profile girls can be a final tombstone for anything fun but I can’t think that RLC won’t spice things up , especially this summer that people have started their activities slowly and I think subscriptions will be going down even more since most people do things rather than staying home and watching .. we will see , at the end , we still have Pam and Jordi and i could simply watch them at nights and having Jordi saying “ Good night , he also now tells me to tell you that he needs to stay calm because tomorrow he promised he will work hard “ 😂🤣😂🤣 looking at his dick while speaking to Pam , hilarious , great guy 😇 and nice sex sessions .. anyway , a nice day I wish up in north Europe 😇


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