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Leora & Malia - Home Activities #24

Guest Slipper Guyquad

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15 minutes ago, Slipper Guyquad said:

Let the fans chat, let the trolls spout shit....

I have no idea why you insist so much that your opinion is more important than that of others. 😂 Let's just talk openly about what bullshit is going in this apartment and how RLC could improve it.

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3 minutes ago, miaballe02 said:

Malia is arguably the ugliest girl (even her pussy isn't pretty to look at) and the most uninteresting in RLC history.

Not a very nice thing to say is it? She may well read this forum.

I don't personally find her attractive, but she is far from ugly and it's a cruel remark to make.

A gentleman, if that's what you are would delete this remark, it's disrespectful.

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