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Leora & Malia - Home Activities #31

Guest Slipper Guyquad

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38 minutes ago, Slipper Guyquad said:

Oh BOO Fucking HOO. After everything you've said about her. Fucking Hypocrite.

You asked a question and i tried to answer … thank you for your nice words but since when am i not allowed to say things about her ? Are you the one that dictate the rules in this forum and what someone has to say , post or comment  ? Your endless hope to “ see things “ that you are not even expressing ( you don’t even know what you want to see it’s my theory but that’s a talk for another time )  is making you so disappointed  when actually tonight , me , personally , i saw  two girls who tried to enjoy themselves , have a nice relaxing and fun  night and be a bit “ crazy “ after the boring and staged shows that they have been giving and you have been always praising .


You asked a question and the only thing you did when I said my opinion was your latest vulgar English vocabulary usage when you think that  someone has anything personal with you . I don’t know you and you don’t know me , I have never insulted you here and tried to be always open for talks even when we obviously disagree on many things and we often “ communicate “ in an indirect way many times here . Here’s then repeating my hypocrisy , I simply want to see Leora ( and Malia ) finally having a normal life in this apartment ,  finally behaving  like the rest of the other RLC tenants and not being hesitant or afraid to present  people on cameras . I want from both of them not to hide so much their talks in the fear that the viewers will criticize negatively ( they do no matter what after all  ) , I want to see that they are two “ normal “ girls who try to make a “ normal” living in a city of different culture and lifestyle than what they used to do . Malia failed big to have a double life and the results are obvious , Leora is in the same path , bubble one that i was saying last year exploded , the way this apartment goes , I can see bubble two exploding .. that’s my repeated opinion from a fucking hypocrite like me .


The biggest thing you need to learn is to respect and have the same attitude to other posters here and not insult them because you don’t agree with them . 

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