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Leora - Home Activities (2022) #8


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Good morning Beautiful girls 

Leora and sexy girl


good Morning _ Bonjour

good evening 

Monday is the day to start writing a wonderful week.

with family and friends

17/01/2022        17/January/2022

🐨👯 🌟🐈 😉🐎🦝🐿️🦍🗼💀🐊😁 😈🐶 🦨 🔭 ✈️ 🕵️👨‍🍳🌶️🏍️ patou gag-her brokk! nenemoh7 hard on chris gregg nic marco 6742 howard taxio miraguy spying1 Pete1960 max ste



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  16 hours ago ddhm said


Leora simply chooses who and what is private / important to be on cameras and who / what  isn’t . Imagine in all of the apartments the same tactic , tenants  hiding to make a phonecall because there’s a problem . In most of the apartments , hardly anyone would sit to listen to a 2- 3- 4 hours phonecall , simply because the majority of the subscribers don’t care actually .But Leora believes she’s so precious and suspicious that all she does and says , there are people who watch her 24/7 just to interpret even the tone of her voice and the whatever dialect she will use at any phonecall . 

She believes that because 5-6 people have obsession of watching her even if she locks herself in the toilet for her natural need , the rest of the people watching give a shit of what she says 


Although I didn't witness what you are referring to regarding this particular instance I would point out that you are by your remark not only doing the likes of Slipper G and GagHer a disservice but insulting them also, although you do not name them personally.

Without these people the forum would be much worse with it's speculation and insinuations, they do in their way stop incidents evolving too far into complete fabrications of the truth.

I don't agree with several people on this forum, and dislike the motives of one or two into the bargain, but as such I normally confront them by name and address the grievance in the open, although some don't grant me the same courtesy....If I have something to say I say it and wait for those who find it contentious to give an adult and lucid answer, again not always fortunate in that respect.

I don't class SG and GH as one of those people, neither do I consider either of them as Leora " groupies", so if they have something to say inevitably it is something of interest, and more often than not beneficial to the members of the forum. 

People watch or don't watch RLC for their own particular reasons, you have yours, they have theirs, and I have mine for not watching any longer...no problems with that whatsoever, different strokes for different folks, the amount of time they choose to watch per day is of no importance, and if they have the time and inclination to try and translate some of what is said then we should at least be grateful to them.

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