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Gyana & Dantez (2022) #2


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Gyana and Dantez have a really nice , fresh full of emotions and genuine feelings relationship which is great to watch evolving day by day on cameras .Gyana seems very attached to Dantez , I would say that she’s a girl between 20-23 years of age , very pure and she’s now forming her personality at a more extended way .


However , Gyana is inexperienced in sex and Dantez isn’t one of the best sex partners we have ever seen As a relationship then , it is really nice to watch them being really into one another but from the adult entertainment part , it needs that lot still to be done . I would say that Gyana’s potential is extremely big , she doesn’t know her sexuality , how she can be super sexy and attractive , in 5-6 years time when she is more a woman than currently a girl , she will be a gift for any man 😇 Of course , this might be her style and not wanting to attract attention or similar things but this is Prague , walking at the streets of this city , 7-8 out of the young girls are not only a temptation , but it is like you are walking at the same place with model type women . 

Dantez went from a nuclear sex machine like Mirukawa to an innocent now formatting girl , emotionally it is clear he likes this girl very much than pressing his feelings with Mirukawa and I hope the evolution in all fields for this couple to be very remarkable and we can speak about them very much in the next months or years as tenants and remembering  these early days .

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50 minutes ago, van the man said:

I like these two. They are very into each other and she loves him being inside her BUT she never ever ever goes anywhere near his dick with any other part of her body!!! Very strange

Yep, he needs to get her to learn oral

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