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B2 - General Topic 2023 #9 (June)

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51 minutes ago, JoeBitch said:

Can someone tell Bella to fuck off,  whether she is there as a participant or a guest is the same shit…bitch needs to disappear from RLC for good 🤣🤣

Careful who you call bitch!!! 😏

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1 hour ago, happyone said:

They are following RLC instructions =just be yourself 😏

Just be yourself...oh and here's a dildo on the house but just be yourself. 

Oh...an if and extra bonus makes you feel like bating, doing a massage, having a bath together, playing twister, putting on a girl girl show or attending a party literally staying up all night to be sure that you catch the important time zones...but yeah, just be yourself.

Sure...have your boyfriend/husband live elsewhere and stop in for a blowjob...ignore the cameras...just be yourself.

Because after all its just real life.

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