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What is wrong with this guy?

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I think he may have taken the hint. Looks like they've disappeared into the bedroom.

This is like a 1 in 10 thing. 1 in 5 chance that they'll make it from this position to the bedroom and then only a 1 in 2 chance of anything happening in the bedroom. It's a surprise if he does anything other than go over rub her thighs and then goes back to his laptop so today was unusual in that it load somewhere however brief it was.

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yeah, right, that will work, sure.

look at a few seconds ago. Leora wen from guest bedroom to their bedroom was only in there for about 5 min. and bam right into the bathroom. He really needs to learn something other than wam bam thank you ma'am

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Y'all just jealous of him.

I guess you could say I am jealous of him.  I am jealous because if I ever failed to please my women like he does they would be gone in a heartbeat and I  would never be able to sleep with them again.  So yes I am jealous that  he can be such an inadequate person in bed and still keep this knockout.

I do not see how she is not getting any on the side and still being sexually satisfied.  That's probably paul's secret. He knows she is getting some on the side to please her sexuality but still comes home to him so he doesn't care.

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