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Banning Rex

Banning Rex  

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  1. 1. Do you think Rex should be banned from VH?

    • Yes, he should be banned.
    • No, he should not be banned.

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Yes ban him from VH and report him to other voyeur sites as well make sure that he never gets on cam again!!  He not only should be reported to authorities but should be held accountable for the damage he has done to Dana.  Better yet let me be alone in a room with him for 5 minutes and only one of us is coming out, and I guarantee you this it won't be him!!  I'd make sure that he never raised his hand in anger to a female ever again!!  Castration would be really what I think is best for him!!

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3 minutes ago, Amy3 said:

Thanks Manbat321. I love hearing a strong man's voice who is willing to defend a lady in trouble. ❤

You're so welcome Amy!!  I believe its the thing to do when one is standing up for what is right!!  Rex is dangerous to others and I think poses a problem for VH as well!

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I voted no, I will explain
This couple has come several times and has had normal sex that you have all enjoyed seeing the large number of comments
I am, like most, against violence against women, but I make the difference between a naughty role play, even a bit brutal, and real gratuitous violence without reason (there was the same debate, Not so long ago with guests at taya)
I admit that I am a non - attending member of Voyeur House not being a premium member and that I am not seen all the scene, but I trust its creator who understands much more than most of the others, between us
And most of all, they are probably friends of the real couple who live in this apartment and we would have the right to say who they have the right to see or not? We walk a little on the head you find not
Personally, it is not the guests who are problematic in this apartment with their role play but Alex with his gratuitous violence towards Anna, for that is inaceptable, the rest is
Good reading ^^

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