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An Open Letter to Reallifecam (Tech Fashions Inc.)


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To whom it may concern,

                I would like to address your recent DMCA complaint against our site. Let me start off by saying that I am a long time fan and advocate of your project. CamCaps has been around almost as long as your project, and it’s been an exciting journey watching your site grow from a few small apartments to what it is today. As you have grown so have we. I’ve always considered it to be a mutually beneficial relationship even if it’s been a bit tumultuous at times. Our goal has never been to steal traffic from you, or to cause harm to your company or residents. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, we’ve tried to be good stewards of the information that people share, for instance we don’t allow people to post personal information about your residents, nor do we allow hacking tools designed to bypass your payment systems. On many occasions, our members have used this forum to provide technical support and guidance for customers and potential customers of yours, to provide positive and encouraging reviews of your site, and to discuss issues and concerns related to the welfare of your tenants and then report them to you. I understand that you have a right to protect your content, and we don’t want to infringe on your rights. However, as a community of fans and supporters I think we would all appreciate it if you would work with us instead of against us. We are not your adversary, we want to see your project grow and become even more successful. I’d like to respectfully request that if you find things on our website that you object to, to please contact me directly via PM, and we will remove it no questions asked in much less time than it takes to file a DMCA complaint. Furthermore, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to talk with you about finding a way for us to work together. After all, do you really want this community of 70,000+ fans and supporters to just disappear? Can't we just be friends?  


- A

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Does RLC even have an official CC account? You're probably right Nack, but some serious damage was done here and if they have any dignity they should really take the time to respond to the great dissatisfaction that many of us have with them for shutting down CC. At the very least RLC should apologize to all of the CC members who had no part in posting any content from RLC, as well as VHTV, VV, Camarads, and any other sites affiliated with CC who did nothing wrong, but were adversely effected by the actions of RLC. I suppose they could place all of the blame on CC for even making it possible, but given the long history of this fruitful symbiotic relationship, I think CC should have been given a chance to mediate any concerns in a much more friendly manner without resorting to launching a catastrophic attack. I think some form a response from RLC is due.

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The main reason why I will not subscribe to RLC is because of their non existent engagement or willigness to listen or act on the suggestions of their subscribers.  I've always thought that CC is the type of marketing tool that RLC is too backward to recognise that they need and has done more for the company than they deserve.  There is no chance that RLC would have the amount of subscribers it does if CC did not host pictures and clips of what the apartments offer and it's about time that RLC pulled its finger out of its ass and accepted that there's a good partnership to be had here.

Look at the communication from their competitors, VV, VH and Camarads all communicate here and listen to their subscribers - they are far more liked and respected and personally I would much rather spend money with them than RLC who leave me with the impression that its a bunch of people who think they've found a magic money tree and people will just throw money at them no matter what boring apartments they put up.

DMCA notices becasue you think free marketing might hurt your subscriber base???  To me that says RLC's subscriber base is dropping and they have some stupid fuck in charge that thinks its because of marketing rather than shitty fucking apartments - RLC, seriously, you need to get rid of the person that think s DMCA notices will solve your issues, they are barking up the wrong tree!

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When i started watching RLC as a freeloader late last year, i would often visit CamCaps to catch up with events i may have missed and to learn what was happening in the rooms and apartments i could not access. I enjoyed reading the comments of other users, some were funny, some gave a history lesson on the tenants, some were translations that shed some light on current events, all of them improved my viewing experience.

I subscribed to RLC earlier this year and I'm certain that, without CamCaps, i never would have done so. Whenever i'm watching RLC, i always have CamCaps opened along side it and it continues to be a big factor in my continued subscription to RLC.

I sometimes watch a bit of VHTV free cams and spend some time in the VHTV threads and i enjoy the use of photos there - funny photos, photos with a humerous take on them, photos that serve as visual aids to a discussion topic and photos that help identify the tenants and guests. It would be nice to use photos this way in the RLC threads but, at the risk of being banned from RLC, i cannot. I think they make for a much better experience, not just of CamCaps but for the voyeur site as well. I'm also impressed with the communication of VHTV and their willingness to get involved, they keep the community informed of changes, offer technical support and even have some fun with their members. I've recently noticed Villa Voyeur and Camarads doing the same thing. It would've been nice for RLC to do the same but instead they try and close the site.

I still subscribe to RLC for now but find myself increasingly interested in the other voyeur sites, not only for the content they provide but also their presence and participation on CamCaps.

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How about ditching Reallifecam for VH?

I am having such great experience since I started with VH.

Reallifecam has such arrogant attitude, over priced, under deliver.

The more we give VH business the more then can bring new participants. I am done with RLC,

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RLC needs to step up their game. I now check VH first and spend much more time there than RLC. Competition is a good thing and usually creates improvements. RLC is stale goods. If Leora wasn't there, I doubt I'd even bother to look in. BUT, I must admit that affair for Maya was pretty hot stuff while it lasted.

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Le 20/08/2017 à 1:09 AM, tamani a dit :
Registrant Name: TECH FASHION
Registrant Organization: TECH FASHION INC
Registrant Street: Geneva Place, Waterfront Drive, PO Box 3469
Registrant City: Road Town
Registrant State/Province: Tortola
Registrant Postal Code: VG1110
Registrant Country: VG
Registrant Phone: +1.9232120923
Registrant Email: [email protected]
Registry Admin ID:

Admin Name: Vladimir Vays

Après recherche je réponds à ma question 

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