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Leeloo & Corben (2019) Part #1

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3 minutes ago, Sparkles said:

Not tenants anymore. Possibly visiting as guests

I think they had jobs and VH was just an experiment to make extra cash.They had there moments but I don't think there hearts were really into this.JMO

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4 minutes ago, Amy3 said:

Disappeared! Must have been realm 37. 

@StnCld316 Please be on standby. Like this is one that will get added the current apt of Wilma & Elvis.

Nothing to do with realm 37... realm 37 will be inside the house of wilma&elvis and bella&adam (like realm 7, realm 12 and realm 38)

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7 minutes ago, Amy3 said:


I guess this was the old Jessica and Conan place. I guess you could use this topic for this apt and send the other one to the archives.

I was surprised George did not see the new tenants in or maybe I missed it. Sometimes he brings the lovely Louise with him...

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