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Nikki, Poppy (2019) Part #1

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1 hour ago, Oldstalker said:

@StnCld316 VHTV have announced Diego is leaving. Please might you alter the names?

Announcement. Participant Diego decide to left our project.
Nikki left alone with Poppy in her house.
Stay up to date, #VH_TV.

Lool this is place just ridiculous. So we will see fake sex now with Nikki and the weird Poppy 🙈

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1 hour ago, Sparkles said:

Or probably archi that already come back from vacations and can occupy the free slot

Archi seems to be forming some sort of throuple with Alibaba and Pocahantas these past few days.  While he and Pocahantas haven't fucked they have been very touchy feely when Alibaba is away and all three have spent a lot of time naked together (I think Aliababa and Pocahantas have fucked a few times with Archi right there watching).  Out of the whole group, Alibaba seems the least likely to share his girl with someone else but Archi and Pocahantas definitely have a thing for each other I think.  

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She and the new guy left the apartment earlier, he had to help her into her jacket as it appears she could not move her arm very well.  She returned with him, Poppy and Diego with her arm in a sling.  I guess she injured it somehow when they were out earlier in the evening.  Hope it's not too bad of an injury for her. 

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