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Leora, Malia General Chat Topic #40 2020 June


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Guest Slipper Guyquad
24 minutes ago, happyone said:

I found that there are a lot of Stevie wannabees in this forum 😏

I remember ages ago reading an article about some journo whos first big interview was with Stevie in London. He was really nervous when he walked into some swanky hotel suite down there. So to get small talk out of the way to calm himself down he went to the window and said "Wow. great view you have here right?" 


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Good Morning 🌅🌞🌞

good evening 🌃🌛🌕

Good morning beautiful girls so cute 🌅 🌞

Leora and Malia and sexy girl 


🐨 🗼 👯 🐈 🦨 🐴 🐿️ 🐶🐱 💀🔭🏍️🎛️

Everyone have a great happy day with joy 



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