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Freddy (2021) #1

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Hi @StnCld316 new participants, please do your thing.

Edited to reflect now is only Freddy's name, @StnCld316 can you move this to the correct place. Freddy has split from Harley so I leave it upto you Stncld if you want to create a new topic or move to Freddy & Harley topic.


P.S according to Jabbath Harley will get her own place in February.

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3 minutes ago, jabbath1987 said:

Yes. Unfortunately Harley & Freddy broke up. Harley will return in an own place at end of February

Oh, poor baby, needs to find a new fuck buddy, but that will be easy, no worries 😁👍

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2 minutes ago, groomy said:


1) Electricity problems. :biggrin:

2) Girl with tattoos who just go and will not come back.

Jab, is there lot of misinformation from you lately?😉

Dude there was electricity problems in the old place. That's not the thing.

Girl with tattoos is back now. Nevertheless she just left. Maybe she did not like Harley. I don't see any of my information wrong. 

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