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B4 Girls On Vacation - General Topic 2021 #39 (April)

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2 minutes ago, HarleyFatboy said:

Without completely catching up, with 20 pages to go, this is where I have to chime in.

I was told the party was complete shit.  It was just like any other dysfunctional party that has been thrown in the villa. The whole predator thing from Masha was fully expected when I read she would be in attendance.  If I have to hear Costa049's declaration of love for Claire and Carlos one more time, I think I will throw up.  DDHM's love for cock is totally confirmed!  DDHM is the most wishy washy person on this forum and misconstrues everything to fit his agenda.  Megan....poor little innocent Megan, with all the drugs and alcohol consumed last night, she was ready to pounce on the right person if given a chance.  Luckily for her, nothing came of it....but I'm sure Rocco would have been proud of his little princess none the less!!

Cesar and his friends should be banned from RLC.  Cesar is a drug pusher and deviates from the law all he can.  A "REAL" class act piece of shit that one is!!  His friends are just like him....Zac saying, fuck the police is a prime example!!  Every time he is involved with these parties and or shows, whichever you want to label them as, he has to bring his fucked up friends who are only there because Cesar has told them that these girls are easy....put some drugs in them and then spread their legs, it's that simple!!  Class act shit head!!  A sad read how encouraging a lot of you were with one of them fucking Pam or even princess Monica for that matter....Pam didn't fuck when Amalia had her fuck toy with her last time and she ain't going to do it this time unless her "REAL" boyfriend show's up!!  Monica seems to like fucking off camera the most or while an apartment is under maintenance!!

Miscvoyeur said one thing I agreed with and I'll be damned if I can remember what that was....oh yeah, it had something to do with "fuck all" happening as others were in relationships or certain girls have done "fuck all" since they've been on RLC!  You were right about that post Miscvoyeur.

The whole group of you that still think Bogdan is a Saint is really getting ridiculous.  Bogdan is only a Saint in front of the camera's because with his new job description, he fucking has to be!!  Those of you that think he hasn't had his cake and ate it too, are nutszoid!!

The biggest bummer that I read is that the sleaze ball Masha didn't buy a return ticket!!  What does that mean actually?  Well for starters it could mean that for all of you that want to see Babi in her own apartment, your wish may come true.  How much easier would it be for RLC to add Masha's name to B4 and rename Masha's to Babi's apartment.  It also means that there will be more and more bullshit shows while Masha is in B4, both at B4 and "Babi's place"!!

The cops showing up was a failure because they didn't complete their job and fine/throw everyone of their sorry asses in jail during this pandemic.  Those of you that support this kind of thing in times like this should be thrown in jail with them!!

The only thing good that comes out of these parties, is to see how many pages can be filled up!!

Overall summation....👎 👎

look like you are in happy mood today 🤣

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Well, before I could finish "GOV B4 2021 #38" it was closed for posting so I guess I will have to do a lot of copying and pasting if I have something to say.  so i will start with JenniferMom...

She said "It's obvious now that Bogdan fully knows and respects Nelly's adventurous relationship with Martina."

It doesn't matter what he knows or respects....it's fucking WRONG!!

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