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B4 Girls On Vacation - General Topic 2021 #78 (July)

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GOV B4 2021 #78


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My take on B4 now that it's full.

Vivian,               She marches to her drummer, and that's OK because she is real about it. 
Tesla,                Started strong but needs Eli to play off of. Nobody there is strong or brave enough to keep up with her when she is on.
Nana,                Confused girl learning about her self and how far she will or will not go.
Three real women that all have distinct personalities, but get along like real people would.

Lia & Mia,         Didn't like them the last two visits. Ultimate poser/showgirls. Now in decent light, you can see the hard life they are living in their faces. 
                         They even walk across the room like they are doing a show on a stripper stage and their every move is a pose. Their daily life is as real as a strip club.
Nelly & Bogdan        Didn't like them in Russia, like them less now. Every time I see them the theme song from "Mr. Ed" goes through my mind. And not just Nelly, Bogs (from the back) looks like a horses rear since his last haircut.


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now tesla is useless with her football kid she should pack and go live with him and his football team and let her room for another returnee Polya, pretty sure shes not far waiting in line

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