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Masha - Home activities #16


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18 minutes ago, JenniferMom said:

So there is a real person named Dick?  This isn't a name for someone universally disliked?  I've seen Bogdan, Alberto, Timur, Aaron, Carlos, Anthony, Tibor, Dantez ... all cool nice names of guys ... and then we have DICK?  Really?  And from what I have heard, he is one of the better ones, not camera shy, etc.  Does he have a nice dick?  I know, I am asking the wrong crowd.



Jane & Dick (03/29/18 - 06/19/19)
couple from the Russian apartments

and he was very well stocked
on the last visit to Rome, Masha bit into his good piece, it was out of order for days. if I remember correctly 😁

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10 minutes ago, EMMETT111 said:

so did she round this group of guys out of the prison yard 

today she's not picky
Looks don't matter, it's about having fun 🙃

Honestly, I would switch to the other side of the street if I met the three on the street😱

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Yes, @JenniferMom, Dick was his actual RLC name. They first appeared as guests here in Rome, and the forum named him TopKnot, or TK for short, because of his hairstyle. When they later got their own apartment in Russia it was under the name Jane & Dick. His long hair and characteristic top knot was gone too.

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