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1.  According to the FAQ, there are "...three young boys and girls living together in a villa.".  I saw one guy and one girl.  Is the third one a guy or girl?

2.  According to the time stamp and my prodigious mathematical capabilities, this apartment is located in GMT+4....or maybe +3 or +5.  (mathematics can be very slippery)

3.  $30 is too steep for me for only one apartment.

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Thanks, I found it, too. They cooperate with Segpay. I never had issues with them. They also do the finances of Reallifecam.com. When googleing voyeur villa, I found other / older floor plans. The apartmennts must have changed or there even were more than one apartment. A glimpse of hope?

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This site is pretty easy to see the private cameras without paying....

how? enlighten us  :)

Easy, in chrome just hit F12 button to open the developer console, then go to the console tab, and write:


The cam16.m3u8 can be replace with another one you like from the list below:

camXX.m3u8 and XX =

11 : living room

12 : 1 bedroom (first one)

13 : 2 bedroom (first one)

14 : bathroom

15 : 1 bedroom (second one)

16 : 2 bedroom (second one)

17 : kitchen (first one)

18 : kitchen (second one)

It will load the video where the other is loaded, so you need to be in any of the free cams first :)


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