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Sofia - Split 1


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13 minutes ago, echoone said:

Yup, SOF is indeed the IATA code for Sofia Airport.

As I told you....

But anyhow, it is weird of VV to open two new apts with existing people, announcing  " Sofia - is a place for young hipsters" and now N&D on vacations....

I am really curious how quick these two under cover agents will handle the cam10 in the bed room. Either the cam will have technical problems or they will sleep in the LR or use full body condoms.....

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Think there move is quite permanent as Anna is acquisitioning N&D's old bedroom.

But I agree, opening new apartments without new people is quite lame.  I hope it doesn't stay that way otherwise it would be a shame to pay 10 USD more a month just to switch between 4 apartments instead of 2.

What's wrong with cam 10?  They had a similar cam in voro in their room?  This one is just placed lower and a little closer to the bed due lack of space.  And the sex will probably be the same, dim the lights, close the blinds so the room is as dark as it gets and have the camera's film in black and white due to IR vision.


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Kinda wonder how their English is, never heard them speak English on cam and don't think they'll get very far with Russian in Bulgaria.  It used to be the second most spoken foreign language but it rapidly declined during the years with English becoming the second language ahead of Russian.  Or they might have learned Bulgarian, who knows..

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1 minute ago, corsa11 said:

Was soll das, jetzt vier Wohnungen, aber keine neuen Paare. Wichtig wäre doch, daß neue Paare  präsentiert werden, sonst wird das nichts.

Maybe its easyer to find new appts than find new people :biggrin:

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56 minutes ago, jabbath1987 said:

Dont think that their move is permanent. VV tweeted they are going on vacation. So I think new people will move in when their vacation is over.

Not sure about that, apparently they did send out a newsletter to the members which contained the information that they were moving to Sofia:


Welcome to Sofia
We just launched the 4th appartment on Voyeur Villa.

Starting from BIG news - Sofia is on air. This apartment is special for us. Despite it may seem it's compact, believe us, it's bigger on the inside :)
That means that what you see now - is not the final picture of Sofia. There are even more rooms and cams to be opened in the future

Yeah, there is no secret anymore - that's hot couple of Nelly and David is moving to Sofia. As you get this email, Nelly and David should be unpacking their stuff and plan to get a sunbath soon. Be sure to check it out now
As guys said, they plan to meet new people in Sofia and invite them for random parties there. This sunny apartment will be full of life.

As we were busy setting up two new apartments up, habitants in Voronezh and Tver didn't waste any time, and, believe, any drop, if you know what i mean.
Multiple parties with crazy orgies happened. And this Mr.X with Petra? Wow, their sex several days ago hit all the ratings on Villa
Be sure to check these videos out in Archive. By the way, did we tell you it has been updated? Go check it out, it's all new!
These two apartments - is a really big and new step for Voyeur Villa. We hope you will share these moments with us and you will be the first one to see new participants and more action!


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