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Nina & Kira - General Chat Comments, Quotes & Thanks for Pictures & Videos (2016)

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Yes, Pringle1. I noticed it too.

The one with the red coloured hair come late home at night and bring some roses for apologize. No mimik reaction from the other.

redhair get into tears and lay her haed against the belly of her Gf. No reaction at all.

Seems there is sirious trouble :shithappens:

Excuse my bad english

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On ‎2016‎-‎02‎-‎18 at 6:46 AM, tamaraswas said:

(The Video Content is No Longer Accessible and has been Removed)

TY tamaraswas. It's interesting and funny to see this old vid. Compared to this, Kira looks stronger and healthier, Nina slimmer, both more mature today. The good old days were not so good, actually  ;)

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