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Girls on Vacation ~ General Chat Comments, Quotes & Thanks for Pictures & Videos April to July 2017

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This Thread is for General Chat Comments, Quotes & Thanks for Pictures & Videos

If you have any Pictures or Videos of this Apartments Tenants Please place them in their Proper Threads.

Please Note: (Off Topic Comments are Allowed in Girls on Vacation Threads Only)

(It must be Short and not a Long Drawn Out Paragraph)

Any Such Comments Must Pertain to RLC Only. All Others Will Be Removed.


If you're going to chat about anything other than the Apartment. Please use the Proper Threads for that Subject.

If there isn't a Subject, Please make one.


Please Note: Everyone has the right to express their opinions and to be heard.

Not everyone is going to share that same opinion and everyone has the right to express themselves in a Respectful Manner.

Do not attack another Members Comments and/or Quotes just because you don't share the same views.

Any Derogatory Comments Will be Removed.

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OK My Belle:heart: were too drunk last night but take a look at Stella. Nicely fully naked on her bed in the light. Even when naked Belle you are under a duvet, behind a cushion or in the dark. During your last sexy dance which seems a long time ago but was only 3 days you were bent over pointing straight at the camera and all that could be seen between your legs was a dark patch, not even the shape of a pussy. You have always been a leader in the walking around pussy displaying but on the bed, on the couch or dancing around nearly always dark - never a great night naked in over 110 days. Now it seems you deny us your presence every single evening and most of the night, please can't you at least shower in the open and keep your light switched on? The house was empty yesterday and you were naked for much it but you failed to do anything and now maybe you've got an admirer I fear you'll be even more careful.

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As boring as I've found the last month or two in the Barcelona apartments (with a few notable exceptions), Irma and Stella's friendship seems quite genuine and it's nice to see interactions like that.

Living in a fishbowl like this can't be easy (in addition to whatever other pressures they have in their lives) and there's a certain inspiration to be found in seeing something supportive and positive grow out of it.

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Unlike all the other Barca girls continually packing the top of the Replay chart, I think I've just 1 appearance by My Belle:heart: in the last 60 hours. Last week she had very strong presence but now her day consists of sleeping, maybe exercising topless or sunbathing if she actually gets up, having an invisible shower, taking phone calls on the couch or bed, getting ready to go out, waiting, going out getting pissed and probably something more and coming back at an average time of 4 a.m. and collapsing without much thought for the viewers who are paying for this lifestyle. Irma will be gone very soon so I hope Gina swaps to the Twins because she virtually lives there anyway, Angel vacates the big room and Lola and a party girl come in because otherwise I can see Belle continuing a pattern and if she strikes up a relationship then she'll probably just come back to sleep during the day and shower.

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