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Hey Everyone,

We're excited about upcoming birthay at VHTV on 1st of November, and would like you to take a part in this celebration.

We would love to hear your "Why #ILOVEVHTV" stories here, in this topic. You are free to do it privately via Support, PM's and Twitter DM's if you feel shy. But don't be. Those stories we like the most will receive our presents. Be advised, that we will add free days to those accounts that had any subscription before, or any active subscription, or you are buying subscription just now. It doesn't matter. We would love to hear #ILOVEVHTV stories from our viewers - subscribers and fans.

Those stories posted publically may appear at our Blog entries or Twitter posts. For privately sent messages we may mention those too, but we won't disclose any private information in any case.

Come on, we would love to hear you!


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Okay so here is my entry.

Why I love VHTV

Because they not only allow a nice and open discussion here but also allow posting caps and videos

Because our opinion here matters to them

Because I met incredible people and made true friends because of them

Because of the great archives

Because of the hard working incredible support but also because of sthe sometimes funny answers they reply to us

Because of things happening there which often lead to great and interesting discussions here

Because they do not support and tolerate violence like competitors do

Because of so much interesting, sexy, hot and often funny things happening there

Because they often officially use the names we give to people on their site 

Because of the Twitter guys still learning who is who 😂

Because my memory for names and faces improved a lot

Because I think of where to place the cams everytime I enter a new place or appartement.

Because I learned a lot about Russian and Ukrainian habits and culture

Because it's great after a long day of work when you come home and tune into VH and CC to have fun and relax. 


In the case I should win anything please give it to the incredible @ashleyxyz. She is a long time member here on CC and she totally deserves a premium membership on VHTV. 

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59 minutes ago, Robwin said:

Come on Ze you know they only have your interests at heart 🤣🤣

Sorry my friend, they have an heart.. but i have no heart,I have an cold black rusty pearl stone in its place.Feelings are for foolssssss😁.

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I don't dislike VHTV, obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be watching it. But to be honest, there's a few deal breakers, for me, that prevent me from ever wanting to spend money here. 

  • Language: I would like to feel like I'm being aware of what's going on. I only speak French and English. Other than Lexy and Pete on occasion, I haven't heard anyone speaking English.
  • Time Zone: I live in the Canadian Prairies, so most of the time when I sneak a peek, everybody is sleeping.  I could look at the "previously recorded" moments, but if I wanted to see previously recorded stuff, I'd go on pornhub.
  • The lack of voyeur "Feel": in most cases, it doesn't feel like I'm being a voyeur, it feels like (whenever something noteworthy is happening) things are staged for the audience.
  • The use of cell phones: I'm all for cell phones.. but during sex? really? I've stopped looking at some apartments for that specific reason. If you're gonna look at your cell phone while you're getting a blow job, or getting your pussy pounded, you might as well put your pants back on, sit on the couch and get your cell phone urge taken care of. Obviously it's more fun than your partner.
  • Too many apartments: In itself, the number of apartments doesn't matter. But someone needs to focus on quality rather than quantity. You need to find people that actually enjoy being on cam and get some money out of it, not people who enjoy getting money for being on cam.  

Well, that's my 2 cents on the subject anyway.

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everyone asking for voyeurism is correct. it's watching what is happening right at the moment. not long ago i was watching vv & rlc & trying to catch someone having sex. sometimes it did happen. more often it didn't. vh was the same way at 1st. but my attention was drawn to the sites in a search for porn so i had little or no interest in seeing participants doing clothed non-sexual things. what i like about vh is that 1st the timeline, then the archives allow me to see what i was looking for to begin with. and although there are way too many apts it is a lot better than not having enough. it's much better than vv, rlc, or the other new sites from what i've seen.

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