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Sofi & Kirill (2019) Part #2

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Please Note


In this Topic of Sofi & Kirill we are doing a Test. This will be to Test the Cam Shows for this Apartment.  While Cam Shows are performed from this Apartment Directly any Content Posted must be from the VHTV Aspect of the Cam Show only.  Do not Post any Images that pertain to the Sites of Chaturbate or whatever Site they are performing on. Any Images Posted from such entities in this Topic will be Deleted.

The Cam Show Topic in the Sub-Forum of Cam Shows can be Read & Viewed but any Comments or Quotes have been Disabled in that Section until Further Notice. 


We Thank You for Your Cooperation.

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4 hours ago, Amy3 said:

Cause you're blind to it. You can only see what you want to see. Besides my comment was a general statement about how the CB tenants are treated around here. They have to constantly be told that they don't belong here and should leave. Among other insults of course.

I am going to give this a good ignoring Amy.

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