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Apparently the Widget that was at the Bottom of the page for Google Translate apparently Google has done away with it. Members will need to use a Browser Addon to further Translate the pages.  



Google Translate for websites is going away. But why? Check out the main reasons and what current users can do in the future.


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  • StnCld316 changed the title to Google Translate
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28 minutes ago, sturmchaser said:

Interesting - I never noticed it there before LOL.  I have always used right-click and translate-to-bad-Engrish option.  

It used to be at the bottom centre of the page.  It looks more noticeable at the Top since others are always at the Top of the page before entering any topics.

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7 minutes ago, masterchef56 said:

Die Google-Übersetzung ist wieder weg. Was ist passiert? Ich und viele andere benötigen diese Schaltfläche, damit wir eine andere Sprache lesen können, die wir nicht verstehen. Bitte helfen Sie uns, sie zurückzubekommen.


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24 minutes ago, masterchef56 said:

the Google translate is gone again.what happened?I and many others need this button so we can read other language that we don´t understand.Please help us get it back.

At the bottom of the page you can choose the language


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