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Melissa & Sergio (2020) Part #3


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4 minutes ago, jabbath1987 said:

He fucked Ina at the other party so he is not shy. Maybe they just like to fool around...

Melissa like the game of cat and mouse or dog 

She teases him until she is actually ready

samething to happened with condor once she and Sergio got what they wanted it never happened again 

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4 hours ago, Gudari said:

You just have to realize when Sergio isn't in front... Today chance is hotter the guest boy. And by the way, there's also been action in the bathroom in the dark while Sergio was on the phone.

Hi Gudari, I don't agree with you. Melissa had already done a couple of blow-jobs a few nights ago in the presence of Sergio and therefore she doesn't need to hide.
I remember, however, that the boy had had very modest erections and this can only mean 3 things:
1. He is not very attracted to Melissa;
2. He fears not getting an erection;
3. He is 70% homosexual.
But I don't understand why he continues to frequent this house.

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13 minutes ago, budda said:

Hola Gudari, no estoy de acuerdo contigo. Melissa ya había hecho un par de mamada hace unas noches en presencia de Sergio y, por lo tanto, no necesita esconderse.
Sin embargo, recuerdo que el niño había tenido erecciones muy modestas y esto solo puede significar 3 cosas:
1. No está muy atraído por Melissa;
2. Teme no tener una erección;
3. Es 70% homosexual.
Pero no entiendo por qué continúa frecuentando esta casa.

Check the timeline tonight in the living room, in the middle of the night, when Sergio wasn't there and you tell me. Today he was the guest who was warmer at first and Melissa was holding him back for Sergio. I know about the two blowjobs the other day, but tonight they were very hot in every corner and especially when Sergio wasn't there. For me it's not a Condor 2, with this guy he has more Feeling than condor and they have many secrets between them in their ears.

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7 hours ago, budda said:

Oi Gudari, eu não concordo com você. Melissa já havia feito alguns boquetes algumas noites atrás na presença de Sergio e, portanto, ela não precisa se esconder.
Lembro-me, no entanto, que o garoto teve ereções muito modestas e isso só pode significar três coisas:
1. Ele não se sente muito atraído por Melissa;
2. Ele teme não conseguir uma ereção;
3. Ele é 70% homossexual.
Mas não entendo por que ele continua freqüentando esta casa.


7 hours ago, Gudari said:

Verifique a linha do tempo hoje à noite na sala, no meio da noite, quando Sergio não estava lá e você me diz. Hoje ele foi o convidado mais quente no início e Melissa o segurou por Sergio. Eu sei dos dois boquetes no outro dia, mas hoje à noite eles estavam muito quentes em todos os cantos e especialmente quando Sergio não estava lá. Para mim, não é um Condor 2, com esse cara ele tem mais sentimento do que condor e eles têm muitos segredos entre eles nos ouvidos.

What we're talking about, I believe that Budha is also based on what we watch ONLINE and LIVE all the time, and not just by thumbnail.
I repeat what I said, several times melisssa threw herself on the boy, and the only thing that time was to give random kisses and a light suck on Melissa because she was very drunk ....

It may be another time, but not tonight

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