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Ruth & Marry (2020) Part #1

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1 hour ago, Gudari said:

It's very rare but I don't have this apartment on my list, it's not listed. Is it possible that this apartment is in Spain?

Nop.Is near Russia or even in Russia.Same country V&K are because this couple was visit of them a couple times recently.Also the outside is absolutely not of Spain.

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5 hours ago, Amy3 said:

@groomy Are you sure that VHTV has to approve the apartments? This is one dingy place.


Силь - salt in Ukrainian.


This is a very old brand - Soviet. And very popular. In Russia, packaging is different - Соль.


Therefore, it is 100% not Russia (some packaging localization rules). Ukraine or Moldova.


About approval. I heard little drama where participants visited many apartments (with jacuzzi, different types of kitchens, etc.) and they were all rejected. Approved already in the second ten options.

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