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Linda & Tibor - home activities #2

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Not sure why everyone is speculating the relationship status. They seem perfectly happy with each other. She has been taking nude pictures of herself since a long time. It is perfectly normal for people in relation to have diverse interest. My wife sleeps long before me that doesn't mean we are getting seperated. It's better to stop all this speculation and enjoy their time in RLC..

There are 4 apartments in Prague, Linda, Kitty, Mirukawa and Leora/Malia

I consider them the most “ creative “ couple , they always find different ways to keep themselves entertained and busy . 

23 minutes ago, woodyj627 said:

Question who is this guy that Linda flirts with on the couch?  She shows him all this butt and legs must be a friend of Tibor's.  But he does keep his cool.  I think he has stayed in the guest room before.

She has shorts on so he can't actually see that much anyways.

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1 hour ago, moos54 said:

on her phone 😁

I think you're right. then they get deleted later. it is fun to watch her though. even more fun is all the speculation.

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