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Leora & Paul - Home Activities (2023) #38


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Pourquoi faut il éteindre toute les lumières pour la salle de bain , la chambre de Malia La chambre de Leora et que Paul passe tout son temps avec toutes les lampes allumées du salon ,entrée ,et se promène au soleil sans protection si cela n'est pas du baratin c'est du foutage de gueule .

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7 minutes ago, StnCld316 said:

Both in bed, paul rolls over and tries to get leora to fool around she denies him. He gets up from the bed and turns on the love of his life (computer) for another all nighter.

Still , we think a lot alike and you DON’T receive the confused emojis that I do for the same criticism and similar posts 😏🤩 THEY FEAR YOU 🥸🥸

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Good morning Good Night 

Excellent Monday for everyone 

02/10/2023 02/October/2023

Good morning Beautiful girls 

Leora eva Paul 


🐨 👯‍♀️🌟🐈😉🐎🦍💀🐊😁🦜 patou gag-her brokk! nenemoh7 maxragnar hard on chris gregg spying1 tikayou Masterchef taxi Uppssla ddhm howarJohnny5 jjohndoe1960 pete1960 trestarider howard xarvaz rdking dougiestyle4u anodo philo rezbot rame incognito jugghead

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