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New girl NICOLE

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One thing about girls like Jess and Michelle,  they are everywhere in the adult entertainment business.   My point was that it would be OK to take a few extra days looking for a new girl to make sure you get one that you don't have to kick out a month later!!!   RLC needs to have their heads examined......Melissa was top shelf in my book!!   The only reason that they might have told her to leave would have had to be because of something she did wrong outside the apartment in my opinion.

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3 hours ago, kitek said:

She was waving to the camera in her room and smiling, she didn't get proper instructions from RLC to ignore the cameras?

That only shows its point of spontaneity. You will see how little by little, she will be focusing. It is normal that someone who enters such a place, and is also looking forward to it, commit those "small" mistakes.
For me that greeting to the cameras if that is a point of naturalness, spontaneity and even I would say naivete.
For me, it is much more serious than other girls have done, and I know they have not been punished.
Because first and foremost. We should not be harsh with girls, if RLC is not.

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13:50 J & N
J wants to change the decoration in her room. She has a friend - visual artist who once advised her and it worked out great. For this purpose, she takes pictures. N asks whether J trains and if she could join. J says yes and that will now do yoga exercises and stretching. N says that for her everything is new. J says they can workout together and that later would tell her something. They move to N's room. N would also like to decorate her room. She found two pictures. One placed above the mirror. J promises to help with decorations. J says she got an invitation from B2 girls. N is surprised. J tells her that it is the second apartment where the girls are. N asks whether is three of them. J confirmed. J says she may choose today or tomorrow. N: Let's go today .

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