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Leora & Paul - General Chat Comments & Quotes (2017)

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This Thread is for General Chat Comments, Quotes & Thanks for Pictures & Videos

If you have any Pictures or Videos of this Apartments Tenants Please place them in their Proper Threads.

Please Stay on Topic. Any Off Topic Comments or Quotes will be removed.

Example:   If Kristy and Her BF are getting it on then it is to be discussed in the Proper Thread that it takes place in or the Time when someone goes to Sleep or Wakes Report that in Their Proper Threads.

If you're going to chat about anything other than the Apartment. Please use the Proper Threads for that Subject.

If there isn't a Subject, Please make one.


Please Note: Everyone has the right to express their opinions and to be heard.

Not everyone is going to share that same opinion and everyone has the right to express themselves in a Respectful Manner.

Do not attack another Members Comments and/or Quotes just because you don't share the same views.

Any Derogatory Comments Will be Removed.

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Leora Thanks for all the good you have invited us in the year 2016. We hope to having you over for another year, where you can join all of your uniquely beautiful radiance. So a Happy New Year with the beauty of the lovely happiness. You two are so great to be truly have the best of the new year, you are now entering. We look forward to seeing much good from you. Good luck with everything Leora and Paul. ✨????????

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9 minutes ago, Pepe said:

Happy New Year to the Goddess. 

Good morning man

Good morning to all...

Happy new year. . ???????

And special blessings and happy new year to the sweet couple.?

May you know only good days and full of happiness .....??

And may your sweet smile will stay on your beautiful face always fair lady?

Good to see You both back home safe and sound???


Prosperity and peace to all. .. ?

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hello, so many good wishes of good start New Year to all and leora and Paul, I hope this year will bring them lots of happiness than they give to all of us .... they deserve it ... and with the hope of being able to go with them and you and the moments as you have given me this year ..grazie to leora and paul and to all of you ..... thanks

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