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Very Important (Please Read)

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Notice to All Members.


In the New General Chat Topics Created for 2018 there is a Slight Revision.  Please Read it.

Anyone can make a Post as all are Entitled to their own Opinions but when someone starts cutting the Member who made the post down and attacking them because they don't share the same view has to stop. There are ways to address the Comment in a way that everyone can get along. 

Example:  Respond to the Post such as I Disagree with your View because of (Whatever Reason) and keep the Debate Normal or just answer in same manner and move on. However you choose to Address the Comment is Your Choice but Keep it Nice.

Once Certain Members feel they are not getting the Attention they are trying to Achieve they'll move on or change their ways.

There have always been Negative Posts and they can't be avoided (Every Forum on the Net has them) but the Positive Posts Outnumbers the Negative ones Significantly. The Goal we're Trying to Achieve is to make the Forum so Everyone can get along in a Respectful and Peaceful Manner. 

 If anyone feels the need to Call Someone Out and Tear Someone to Shreds with Insults because they don't share the Same View, Rants & Flame Wars is where to take it.  If it's done in Open Forum Topics Then be Ready for the Time Out Chair.  The Amount of Time in the Chair Depends on the Severity of how the Post was Addressed.

The Time Out Chair is where a Member is Removed from Participating in any Forum Activity for a Certain Amount of Time. All the Member can do is Read Topics but Cannot make any Comments or Quote Other Members for the Amount of Time that was handed to them. The Member will Receive a Warning though a Notification Explaining the Reason and they'll know when they are Allowed to Return to Participate in Forum Activities. When a Warning is Given it Appears on the Post where it was Given. 

We only Ban Members Permanently in certain Rare Extreme Cases. 

There has been far too much Disruption in Certain Topics and there is No Real Need for it.  Going Forward we Hope this Creates and Brings some Balance Back into the Forum Boards. No one wants to Step in and Read a Topic where Insults and Name Calling are Tossed Back and Forth or Derogatory Comments made against Apartment Tenants. It's fine to be Critical of a Tenant but Please Explain Yourself in a Decent Manner. The Tenants are in place to Live their Real Life in Front of Cameras and they are Under No Obligation to be Nude, Masturbate or Have Sex so do not get upset if such acts Do Not Take Place.

There are times when Global Moderators and/or Administrators are not Online so we ask for help from Members to Click the Report Button. When making a Report also Include the Reason why the Report was Made. It makes the Report Easier to Understand.


Thank You.     

StnCld316 - Forum Admin.

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