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Alan & Evi

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21 minutes ago, ze81 said:

God have mercy,two ex residents,lots of web cams shows on way,jeka always delivering the goodies.

how nice, I can't wait to see them having exciting show 🤣🤣

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31 minutes ago, Robwin said:

Who are the ex residents then? Just logged in.

Cams don't look too bad.

It's the couple that lived with Stephan and Stella,that ones that sleep and sleep and web cam and more web cam,it's the couple that had sex in first night of the nothings 3.

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4 minutes ago, jabbath1987 said:

Lol I guess "everybody" waited for them 😂 @StnCld316 can you make a topic please. Thanks

Hehe,I think few times so few wanted ex residents back like in this case.They were average at best in past house,who the freaking hell sayed...please please bring back Eli and Alan!undefined.

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