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Gina and Bruno - April 2021 #1

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Félicitation a Gina et César pour l'obtention de leurs appartements.

RLC a bien fait de les mettre dans un appartement la cuisine semble étroite nous devrions avoir une bonne vue en gros plan quand il y aura de l'action si la caméra reste publique.


Congratulations to Gina and César for obtaining their apartments.

RLC did well to put them in an apartment the kitchen seems narrow we should have a good close-up view when there is action if the camera remains public.


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From any of the girls , Gina deserved this apartment the most . The speculations again are endless of how this will go and what this apartment actually is .


Is it the one that has always  been the famous “ off cameras “ apartment and they added the cameras so as to add one more apartment in Barcelona ? Is it the one that they were searching to find  after losing the one which caused the loss of Zac and Luna and Carla and Yanai ? Is it going to be used as a COV in the future like the one they used in Prague ( current Kitty and Smith ) and they brought many popular couples from Russia ? 

And .. Is this the last time we will be seeing Gina if this relation with Cesar won’t work ( chances are too low , with the summer upon us and Cesar being busy with his things) ? Will Cesar manage to remain close to the villa whereabouts if this relation with Gina fail ? Will Gina keep the apartment even if as a single and finally establish her presence as an RLC regular for the next years ?


The best is that we will be seeing guests , parties , smiles , fun and the Queen Gina being this real person that we got to know the last 3 years or so . Genuine , crazy , sensitive , a girl that she will always bring the good vibes and cheer up the others and who knows ? Maybe we get to know easier now her Spanish circle of friends , also Cesar’s .

The background stories surrounding these two make already this apartment exciting to be watched for what it will offer ☺️ Well done RLC for bringing Gina back . 

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1 hour ago, scoutouyoufe said:

Ce qui est dommage c'est que nous les connaissons déjà j'aurais préféré voir un nouveau couple.


What is a shame is that we already know them I would have preferred to see a new couple.

We will for sure see new people , perhaps future tenants as well 😉 it can become also a casting apartment 😁

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