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Notice To Everyone - Please Read


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As many Members know there has been a Decrease in Apartments in the Online Apartment Category where it was at 40 and is now at 32. (8 of those Apartments were placed into the Offline Apartment Category)

Due to Security & Safety Concerns of the Tenants and their Well Being the 8 Apartment Topics and their Contents that were Listed have been Placed Out of View Until Further Notice.

Those Apartments and Contents Placed Out of View are:

  • Garik & Lyubava (Realm 49)
  • Viki & Kate (Realm 7)
  • Viktoria & Adolf (Realm 46)
  • Hunter & Piper (Realm 13)
  • Chris & Dana (Realm 8 )
  • Claus & Angelica (Realm 4)
  • Kathy & Molly (Realm 2)
  • Clara & Stas (Realm 1)


Thanks for Your Understanding.

StnCld316 - Forum Admin



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One of the articles is written by the departement to prevent human trafficking. So maybe porn production is not the main reason? Maybe they thought people got trafficked there? I am not saying this is the case. But maybe they thought it is. And they also write about militia soldiers...

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12 minutes ago, alt0na_O7 said:

I liked this extract from the report  "Pornodeltsy found a suitable room, equipped it with video cameras and streamed the process of mating in real time."

Thats the official russian for fucking then :biggrin:

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