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B2 - General Topic 2022 #3 (January)

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a lot of nastiness said about the return of kristy and alana, but a lot also like me, are very happy to see them again 🥰!!! kristy is a jovial and nice girl, who with alana, yula, kami and the angels, gave us a multitude of parties in moscow, full of guest girls, and we were able to discover the rhythm of life of a russian collocation for many many months, see years !!! many sex sessions with kristy and her different boyfriends, and even alana who started to masturbate face cam on the end of R1. kristy has never been a lesbian, but she just fell in love with kamila during their participation in b1, and it was very distracting to see this heterosexual girl, fight against her impulses towards kamila !!! this friendship brought them to R1, where they were able to live as friends for many months, without ever wanting a homosexual relationship with each other, except for a languid kiss that kamila offered to kristy at first. alana is a modest girl who breaks down over time, and it's much more appreciable than a big lewd female dog who sinks dildos from the first few minutes !!!
when to the comment of a member who asks kristy to return to fuck in russia, i would be grateful if he could be more courteous, and please shut his fucking big mouth full of shit, sexually obsessed with his hand on the cock from morning to night, and I would advise him the millions of porn he will find on the net, in order to be able to empty himself and say less bullshit !!!😡

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16 hours ago, Mutt496 said:

Gina dildoed Lia and then Mia dildoed Gina. He is correct. 

Ahhhhh .... the good old days.  When past girls would really let loose and put on a sexy show.  The girls return and members remember past sexy events. Then, the girl does boring oil massage shows, or sits on her ass and does nothing at all.     ......  for months,    and months,    and months,    and months,    and months. 

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