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B1 - General Topic 2023 #10 (May)


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These new expected arrivals will be completely crucial if RLC works fine in downtown Barcelona .. apart from Ari , there’s no one else that the girls from the villas can hang out , it needs at least one girl to be “ Ari/Ashley/ Gloria “ style and then it can be excellent balance between the villas and at least 2-3 tenants in Barcelona . Let’s see if RLC goes to a “ repeated “ solution or the person who casted in a really good results the last “ big update “ will be on call to bring “ life “ in B1 once again ( it looked like the two departed girls / friends were hired / suggested  from another recruiter than the one who casted the villas people ) 

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  • Noldus changed the title to B1 - General Topic 2023 #10 (May)
2 minutes ago, Catmaster said:

Our reasonable guesses came true. Shantal lived her life in B1 as usual - only with the cams switched off. Welcome back B1!

A little dickie bird told me that she might not have actually know the apt was offline...🤔

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4 hours ago, nagachilli2 said:

Ein kleiner Dickie-Vögel hat mir gesagt, dass sie vielleicht nicht wirklich gewusst hat, dass die Wohnung offline ist ... 🤔

I think just the opposite, I think rather she did not know today. that she is online again.

That's the only way I can explain her relative permissiveness. She has never before so relaxed naked run around...

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