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Kitty & Zack (2019) Part #1

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Come on people, he paid for what he did, and he learned a lesson. We should give him another chance and the benefit of doubt. It was the influence of that Blondie anyway.

Are you saying he must receive a banned for life sentence?


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Not sure how this will work ? Jade is in love with him.She won't touch another man and Zack is as promiscuous as one can get.Plus,he will invite the idiot tattooed guy and Blondie as well unless he is kept on a leash  by Jade.

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27 minutes ago, Amy3 said:

Yes, forgot about that little treat they offered. The necessary evil rationale. 

Guess Jade knows about VHTV now too. Thought groomy said that she would freak and run if she found out. I’m sure Zack has something running to keep her in her place. 

i guess she knows. after all, zack wouldn't lie, would he?

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